We are currently open to Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6

Welcome to Nursery (Foundation 1)

​Welcome to Wren Class

We are the Nursery class who love to spend out days together busily learning through play.

Our Daily Routine

Our Nursery doors open at 8.30am where parents/ carers are encouraged to bring their child into the classroom and help settle them into their day. This provides a fantastic opportunity to see what your child has been learning and play alongside them until register time at 8.45am. It is also a chance to chat to staff as well as other parents.

After register time all children take part in a phonics session. We spend time in phonics developing their listening skills through fun activities., and some children learn letters and sounds when we feel that a child is ready.

Children then have access to both indoor and outdoor provision. We encourage independent learning through play, all adults interact with the children to help build communication skills and develop relationships with their peers. Our neutral classrooms include quality resources that we provided to help your child engage in meaningful activities.

Children have Milk and Fruit break within both morning and afternoon sessions. During this time we find the children enjoy chatting to their friends and we take this opportunity to also promote good manners and self-care.

Nursery children also take part in a short daily group activity. During this time children are encouraged to develop a range of skills including physical development, maths and personal, social and emotional development. These activities are planned to meet the interests of the children the children love learning both inside and outside.

How we learn in Nursery

The Nursery curriculum is based around the 'Early Years Foundation Stage Framework' (EYFS) which covers 7 different areas of learning. These are:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Learning is play - based which means that on the whole, children choose the activity that they would like to do and their learning is supported and extended by adults in the classroom, as part of their play. Learning also takes place in small groups, or whole class sessions. See the Nursery timetable to see when independent and group learning takes place.

Click here to see the Nursery timetable

Click here to see the latest Nursery newsletter - Autumn 1


Mrs Wesley is the Nursery teacher and Mrs Lean is our teaching assistant.

Session Times

Children can join our nursery from the term after their 3rd birthday. All 3 and 4 year old are entitled to 15 hours per week free childcare during term time.

Our session times are:

08:30am - 11:45am Morning Session

11.45am - 3.00pm Afternoon Session

We also offer places for children that receive 30 hours funding, for more information about this please speak to Mrs Wesley or the School Office. Follow this link to check if you are eligible for the funding https://www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare

Children who attend the Nursery during the morning can stay for the full day (8:30 - 3:00) at a cost of £10.00. If staying all day children are asked to bring a packed lunch or they can order a school dinner costing £2.30 per day.


Children wear a full school uniform, jumpers and coats can be purchased at the school office. Please make sure that all your child's items are clearly labeled.

Please also bear in mind that play in Nursery can be very messy! Whilst we take every opportunity to remind child to wear aprons to protect their clothes in play, sometimes children forget or the aprons do not protect every part of their clothes. As such it is recommended that the children keep spare clothes in a bag on their peg in case of any accidents, and we will happily change them in order to keep them clean and comfortable.

As we spend a lot of time outside we request that children come to school in a sensible outdoor coat/clothing appropriate for the weather conditions. As the weather is unpredictable we recommend that the children have a pair of wellies in a bag on their pegs so we can access our outdoor area whatever the weather. During the summer we ask that children are provided with sun cream and a sun hat to leave at school.

Home Learning

Everyday children will bring home a reading diary. The children love going to the reading area to choose a book to share with friends and adults. Each time we share a book with the children we write it in their reading diaries. .

Wow Moments and Achievements

We love to share with you any achievements the children have made within school as well as hearing about all the successes they achieve outside school. In our cloakroom, there is a 'Wow Moments' board for us to share these achievements. It could be anything from putting on their own coat, going to the toilet independently, learning to ride a bike or learning to swim, every little step is an achievement that needs to be shared. Simply complete a ticket, bring in photographs and stick it to the board so you can share the children's learning at home and we can celebrate these accomplishments.

We also share the children's achievements in a Nursery assembly. If you receive a text message to say your child is star of the week, all you need to do is stay 5 minutes on a Friday after dropping your child off at Nursery, so we can present them with their certificate for you to see. As a treat for their achievements they will also get to take our Nursery teddy bear home to have fun with at the weekend, and then return it on Monday for us to see what you have been up to.

Coffee Mornings / Stay and Play

Each Half Term we hold a coffee morning where parents/carers are invited to come for a cup of tea/coffee and a chat. They are very informal and it a great opportunity to build relationships with other parents and staff.

Week Commencing 20th April

Week Commencing 20th April

Week commencing Monday 20th April

Friday 24th April

Happy Friday Everybody!! We have made it through another week of home learning and from the pictures that I have received it looks like our little wren's are doing a fabulous job!

Yesterday I received a lovely email from Piper:

To Mrs Wesley and Mrs Lean i miss you so much and i cant wait to come back to class to see you and all my friends Heidi, Daisy and Lily and everybody xxx

Lilah has been working very hard at home, her Mummy says she has enjoyed dressing up this week.

Todays Rhyme - Hickory Dickory Dock


Today's phoneme is ....... 'h'

Children enjoy making this sound as we always encourage children to hold their hand in front of their mouths so that they can feel their breath on their hand when they make the sound.

All children seem to remember the Jolly Phonics Song for 'h' as it is very active.

Can children read and write these words?





Listening games:

Weekly Challenge:

Can you make a home for a mini beast to put in your garden?

Following our work on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', I thought it would be nice to try and make an insect home for our gardens.

There are lots of simple ways that this can be done using things that you might find in your garden and around your home.

The RSPB has lots of ideas on their webpage:

I would love to see your creations, please email me with photos that I can share on our webpage. cwesley@birklandsschool.co.uk

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Wesley

Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning Wren Class, I hope that you are all OK. The weather forecast said that today is going to be sunny so today me and my boys are going to do our learning outside in the garden.

Here are some lovely photos that I received this morning - they definitely made me smile!

Todays Rhyme - Wheels on the Bus


Today's phoneme is ... r

The children love the phoneme 'r' as we have quite a few children in our class whose names begin with 'r'.

Here is a clip to share with your child to help with letter formation.

Can children read and write these words?





Listening game

This listening game is good for helping children improve their listening and attention skills. Play the video and ask your child what they can hear. Were they right when the picture is revealed? Some are easier than others!


Today we are going to look at the + and - symbols when thinking about adding one more or taking one away.

Symbols are sometimes tricky for children to understand in maths especially if your child is younger. In school when using symbols we always have objects to use alongside to help children understand the concept of taking away or adding.

We write simple number sentences : 3+1=4

some children are beginning to understand this while other children are not so confident.

We have watched this episode of Numberblocks many times in class as it seems to help children visualise how each number gets bigger/smaller.

Can you watch the video talking about what is happening to the number.

Can your child copy the number sentences when you pause the video?

Some children may be able to answer some number sentences based on one more/one less.


Today I would like you to try to draw the foods from our story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The caterpillar eats lots of foods.

Can your child remember each food and draw them?

some children maybe able to sound out each food.

I would love to see you drawings - you can email me them at cwesley@birklandsschool.co.uk

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Wesley x

Wednesday 22nd April

Hi everybody - happy Wednesday!! Thank you all for working so hard since Monday, I love receiving your emails with photos and information about how well you are doing with learning and the wonderful things you have achieved whilst our school has been closed.

Here are a few photos I recieved yesterday:

Todays Rhyme - Days of the Week Song


Today's phoneme is ...


It is often tricky for children to think of words beginning with 'u' . Here are a few words that begin with the phoneme 'u'

Can children read and write these words?





Here is a game which children may enjoy 'Pick a Picture' . It is on the website www.phonicsplay.co.uk. You can access the site using:

username: march2020



Today we are continuing with one more and one less.

Draw a number line and talk about it with your child.

Can they point to a number? Can they then find one more/one less than that number? sometimes its helpful to use a counter to help 'jump' along the number line.

Talk about if the number is getting bigger or smaller.

If you have chalks you can do this outside - children love jumping along the number line.


We are continuing our work on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' today. It was lovely to see so many of you writing and ordering days of the week yesterday.

Today we are going to talk about the foods that the Hungry Caterpillar ate throughout his week.

Can children make a list?

Some children may want to attempt to sound out each word themselves.

Some may hear the first sound in each word and may need an adult to write the words.

Others may be able to tell you want they want on their list.

Have a lovely day

Mrs Wesley x

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning! I hope that you had a good day yesterday back in our new routine. It has been lovely to see all of your photos over the past few weeks, they are all in our 'Home Learning Gallery' or our weekly challenge galleries.

Easter Competition

As you know , over the holidays children were challenged to make an Easter Craft, all children that joined in did amazingly well and it was lovely to see their Easter Creations. I sent all entries to Mrs Allen for her Easter Competition. She loved all of the entries and our class winner is............

Piper !!!!!!

Well done Piper, your Easter Craft is beautiful and well done to everybody that entered.

Today's Nursery Rhyme - If You're Happy and You Know it


Today we are going to play a listening game, this game can be downloaded from www.twinkl.co.uk, a website that produces educational games and resources. You can access resources for free during school closures using the code 'CVDTWINKLHELPS'.

This game is great to help develop children's listening ability which is essential when young children are developing Early Reading skills.

Today's phoneme (sound) is e.

Children often get 'e' mixed up with the sound 'a'. With lots of modeling and repetition children will begin to hear the different phonemes correctly.

Here are some words that begin with the phoneme 'e'. Can children say what they are? can children underline the 'e' phoneme in each word?

Can children practice writing the letter 'e' correctly?

Can some children read and write these words?






Maths - One more and one less

Yesterday I asked you to use objects to count out and add one more or take away one less. We used a plate to keep our objects in one place and help children visualise the value of numbers

Today we are going to be drawing objects to help children understand one more or one less.

In school we use '10 frames' these are good as they help children to organise objects/ draw marks to help show the value of each number.

They are easy to draw at home:

Can children draw in the correct number of dots/circles? Can they add one more? How many circles do they have now? Can they cross one circle out to show one less? how many do they have now?


Yesterday we read 'The Very Hungry caterpillar'. I hope that you all enjoyed it, no matter how many times we read the book at school, children always love to listen and talk about the story.

Today we are going to focus on the Days of the Week.

Can you talk about what the caterpillar eats on each day?

Can your child say the days of the week in order?

Write the days of the week - can your child trace over the letters of copy the words.

Can they draw a picture of each food next to the day of the week?

Here is a sheet that you can print out to help if you would like.


Have a lovely day and keep in touch!

Keep Smiling

Mrs Wesley

Monday 20th April

Good Morning everybody!

I hope that you all had a lovely Easter Break and have managed to keep busy. The fantastic weather definitely helped me to keep my children more entertained and we spent lots of time in the garden.

As I have mentioned before, I understand that home learning can sometimes be a challenge and we are all doing the best that we can. Some children may be excited to complete home learning challenges and others may not be too keen. On our class page I will try to provide a range activities and share ideas of how to keep learning interactive.

The Government have released a website aimed at children aged 2-4 which includes lots of useful information and top tips for learning at home. The website has lots of links to other sites and shares information about how your child may learn and develop. It is well worth taking a look at.

Today's Nursery Rhyme is Row, Row, Row Your Boat


As some of us have had a little break from learning today we will remind ourselves of the sounds that we have been learning whilst learning from home.

Can you practice writing these sounds? Remember nip, flip and grip to help get a better pencil grip.

You can practice writing letter shapes in mud, sand, salt or even water.

Tricky words are words that we cannot sound out, today we will recap:

the & no

write the two words on separate pieces of paper. Read them with your child. Say each word aloud - can your child point to the correct word?


This week we are going to look at 'One more and one less'. We have done previously in school over several weeks. Some of us found finding 'one more' easier to understand than 'one less'.

Around your home can you find 10 objects that are the same? for example 10 Lego blocks, 10 pebbles, 10 cotton wool balls, 10 pieces of pasta (if you are lucky!!).

I always find that using a plate or hoop helps children to focus when counting.

Ask your child to put a number of objects onto the plate encouraging them to count as they add the object. Some children will be able to write the number that they have counted out.

Can they add 'one more'? How many do we have now? Can we write the total number that we have?

Once children are confident with one more, can we take one away to find one less?

Children will need to be encouraged to count carefully, at school we always tell children to touch each object at they count.


This week we are going to base our English work on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' a book that most children will be familiar with.

Today children need to watch the video of the story or read the book at home if you have it. Talk about how the story begins, what happened to the egg? What foods did the caterpillar eat? what days of the week can you remember? what happened before the caterpillar turned into a butterfly?

Daily Reading

Remember that we have a range of reading books for you to access online, these are updated each week. If you are not sure what level your child should access then please send me an email.

Have a lovely day and I love hearing from you all so please feel free to email me, even if it's just for a quick 'hello'.

Take Care

Mrs Wesley

Week Commencing 27th April

Friday 1st May

Happy Friday!!!

We have made ot to the end of another week of school closures, the weather hasn't been great and I know that a few people have mentioned to me that this week has been a struggle as we have all been inside more.

You are all doing a fabulous job, here are a few pictures that have made me smile!

Look at what Daisy and Mummy have been making, please make this again when school is open! Daisy's Rocky Road looks delicious.

Eddison worked really hard on his description of the bear yesterday, Eddison says ' the bears name is Red, I think the bear and cute and friendly. However he turns nasty when the other animals are not kind.

Today's Nursery Rhyme - The Teddy Bear's Picnic


Today's phoneme is ....... s/ss

'S' is the first phoneme that we learn in phonics and children usually remember it well. Some children forget that 'ss' makes the same sound as 's'. We explain that 'ss' usually appears at the end of a word but not always.

Practice reading and writing:





Here is an activity that you can print off at home:


Children find this game really exciting

It can be found on phonics play - username - march20 password - home

Here is a listening game too:

Maths and English

Today we are going to combine our maths and english tasks. To end our work on 'Bear Hunt' we are going to have a Teddy Bear's Picnic!

It will probably be an indoor picnic but they are still fun.

Can you write a list of the food that you are going to eat at your teddy bear's picnic?

Some children will be able to sound each word out themselves, they can use a phase 2 sound mat to help them.

Which teddy's are you going to invite? Who are you going to invite in your family?

After you have written your list, can you help your grown up prepare the picnic?

Here is an activity to help make a jam sandwich, can you put the pictures in the correct order? some of you might make a sandwich for yourselves, remember to use our time words: first, then, next, after.

I would love to see your photos of your Teddy Bear Picnics and the food that you helped to make.


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Wesley x

Thursday 30th April

Good morning everyone!

As most have you probably will have seen, yesterday we uploaded a video to make all of the children and their families smile during the school closures. It was great to see so many adults from our school having such fun. I know the children will love to help Mrs Smith solve the mystery of who stole the apple.

Here is the video:

Today's Nursery Rhyme - Old Mcdonald


Today's phoneme is ...l/ll

Children find this one of the easier letters to write which means that they often remember this phoneme quickly.

Many children struggle to say the 'l' sound correctly. The way that we encourage this in school os to ask the child to touch their top lip with their tongue when they say the sound. Although this seems like they are over pronouncing the sound, it does help with correct pronunciation.

Children love the Jolly Phonics song for 'l'

Can children read and write these words?






Today we are going to practice our tricky words:

Here is our tricky words song.

Today focus on no & go.

Write each word a fw times on smaller pieces of paper and hide them. Can children find them and try and read them as part of a tricky word hunt?

Here is an activity you may want to print off:


You are all doing really well with your time work.

Today children are going to be talking about what we do each day and what order we do these things in. We use a visual timetable at school and talk about our routine daily , can you talk about what you are going to do today at home?

Children will use words such as first, next, before, after.

Here is a link to 2 interactive tools to help with time

You may also want to print of this activity



Today we are going to talk about the order of our day.

In what order do we do things in our day?

What do we do first? Then what do we do after?

In school we look at our visual time table every day and talk about our day.

Here is a game that you can play

You may also want to print off this to do at home



I loved your story maps yesterday: Here is Max's

Today I would like you to think about the bear.

How would we describe the bear?

Can you label a picture of a bear?

Children often like to talk about if the bear is friendly or if he was chasing the family. Some children say the bear might be lonely.

Here is a picture of a bear that you can print out


Have a wonderful day

Mrs Wesley

Wednesday 29th April

Hi Wren Class!

The weather has not been as good over the past few days and I have just seen that there is more rain forecast for today. Today's daily exercise might be a rainy walk or jumping in puddles in the garden.

Yesterday I heard from more of our lovely Wrens.

Ebony has ben enjoying dot-to-dot pictures.

Lily loved our phonics activities yesterday. Great 'b' work Lily!

Today's Nursery Rhyme - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Today's phoneme is... f/ff

In school we usually cover f & ff at the same time. This should make it easier for the children to remember.

We refer to 'f' as a single phoneme and 'ff' as a digraph (where two letters make one phoneme).

Children are reminded that if the 'f' sound appears at the end of a word it usually ends in 'ff', although this is not always the case - confusing I know!

The last time we looked at 'ff', I read the children 'The three Billy Goats Gruff'.

Can children practice reading and writing these words?







Here is an activity that you can print off:


I know that a lot of you enjoyed 'sound bingo' last week. Here is another game to try:


I hope that you enjoyed making clocks yesterday. Some children love talking about the time and you might find that they are spending the day asking 'What time is it?'.

Todays activity focuses on minutes.

Talk to your child about seconds/minutes/hours.

Here is an activity that is great fun for all ages.

This activity can be adapted with different activities depending on what you have at home,



We're Going on a Bear Hunt

In school we regularly make story maps about the books we are reading. Often adults will start the map and children add their drawings to it. Story maps are a great way of helping children to remember key parts of a story and they help encourage conversations. They do not need to be perfect, here are a few examples:

I would love to see how you get on.

Speak soon & Stay Safe

Mrs Wesley x

Tuesday 28th April

Morning Wrens!

It was lovely to hear from some of you yesterday, here are some photos of our busy class members. Our families really are amazing! I have added all the photos to our Home Learning Gallery.

Ayla-Rose has been helping her Mummy make mask extenders for the the NHS and care workers. How amazing and such a kind thing to do. Already they have made 300!

Lilah has also been busy making bears - look at that smile!


Today's phoneme is ......b

Children often struggling to tell the difference between b and d. This is understandable as the letters look so familiar. With lots of repetition children will start to recognise each sound correctly.

There are lots of great resources of line that you can print off to help with this, here are a few.


This game is good fun to play.

Can your child read and write these words?






Continuing with our time work, we are going to try and make a clock today.


Here is a sheet that you can print out at home. If you don't have a printer there are other ways that you can make a clock at home.

Talk to your child about the numbers on the clock and discuss the minute and hour hand. Children are nt expected to tell the time at this age but some children will often show an interest in o'clock times - have a little play.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Today we are going to talk about all of the places that the family go on during their bear hunt.

Can you find some of these areas in your garden? Swishy swashy grass, thick ooozy mud.

At school we will often pretend to go on a bear hunt outside whilst we repeat the story - lots of children love it.

Here are some pictures from places in the story that you can print off ans put in the right order.


Have a good day

Mrs Wesley x

Monday 27th April

Good Morning Everybody! It was lovely to chat to all of our families on Friday, it was great to hear that everybody is safe and happy at home and keeping themselves very busy.

I received some very useful feedback, some parents asked for sheets that they can print off and use at home. Today I will create a section on our webpage that includes activities linked to our learning for you to print and and use.

Parents shared that the children enjoyed our work on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' last week. Most children enjoyed this as it is a story that they were familiar with. This weeks story should also be very familiar to most children...

I had some very funny conversations with some of the children in our class. Heidi was in the garden, Mia was on her trampoline, Ralph Stirland was eating ice cream and Aimee was very busy playing with her toys. All families spoke about home children are missing their friends - please keep sending me you photos so that I can share them on here and children can see their friends from school. cwesley@birklandsschool.co.uk

Piper and Paige receiving their prizes for their entries into the Easter competition.

Today's Nursery Rhyme - Down in the Jungle


Today the Department of Education have launch a YouTube channel based on phonics. The channel contains daily phonics lessons for children in Reception and older. Although the lesson are not specifically aimed at children in Nursery, some of the videos may be useful for some children in our class.

There are also some very good parents guides to phonics and tips for helping your child learn.

Letters and Sounds for home and school

Today I would like children to practice the phase 2 phonemes that we learnt so far:

Can children practice writing these phonemes and reading simple words that include theses phonemes?

Here is an activity that you can print off at home to support letter formation



This week we are going to be learning about time. Today I would like you to talk to your child about days of the week (we did this last week) and Months of the year.

Do they know which month their birthday is in?

When are the birthday's of other people in your family?

There are lots of songs online to help remember the months of the year.

Some children might like to order the months of the year and talk about which seasons they fall in.

What time is it Mr Wolf? is a great game that you can play to keep your child active.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

I know that lots of children in our class LOVE this story so we are going to base some of learning on this story this week.

Please share the story at home either with the book or by watching the video.

Can children join in with the repeated phrases?

Can they remember what happens next in the story?

I have a fantastic video of Piper reading this story at home, I will try to upload it later although my technology skills are limited!

Have a lovely day

Mrs Wesley x

Week Commencing 4th May

Thursday 7th May

Happy Thursday everybody!

This will be the last day of the week that work is uploaded to the page as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday. Let's hope the weather stays nice!

Next week I will be making phone calls home, it was lovely to speak to you all last time. If you need me at any point you can contact me via email cwesley@birklandsschool.co.uk

Today's Nursery Rhyme- Number Raps 6-10


Thank you for all of the hard work that you have been doing at home, especially with phonics. Phonics is tricky in Nursery as our age range is so broad which means that groups of children are working at different levels. Some children are still developing their listening skills, some are beginning to recognise a few phonemes and other children know all of their phase 2 phonemes and are starting to blend the sounds together when reading and writing.

All children benefit from simple listening games such as guess the sound, listening walks, copy my clap.

For those children new to phase 2, I would concentrate on the first 6 phonemes:

Try playing simple games like snap, pairs, hiding phoneme cards around the room. Try to make it fun and active.

Below are some activities that you can print off to help with s,a,t,p,i,n:


For those children who are confident with their phase 2 sounds I would like them to practice their phase 2 tricky words today. Here is Ralph's favourite song for you all to sing! As soon as I hear this song I sing it all day!

We always explain to children that tricky words are words that we can't sound out, that is what makes them tricky.

Please practice reading and writing these words - again try to make it fun and active.

Here are some activities that you can print off based on tricky words:


VE Day

I thought that it would be nice to do some activities based on VE day today. It is a concept that is very difficult for children to understand as our children are so young however they will be seeing houses on their street celebrating with flags and you may be talking about it as a family. They may ask a few questions about it and this video may help answer those questions in child friendly language:

Here are some flags that you can print off and colour in to make bunting:

I found these pictures on the 'Baker Ross' website. I have never used it until now however I was very impressed with the number of crafting activities that you can download. Click on the picture above to download the bunting.

This is a lovely idea and very practical:

Here are some activites that you can print off at home.


Stick Man Challenge

Can you make a Stick Man at home?

I would love to see what you can make using twigs from your garden or your daily walk.

Send me your photos of your stick men to cwesley@birklandsschool.co.uk

Here are some examples:

Have a lovely long weekend.

Mrs Wesley x

Wednesday 6th May

Good Morning! What a beautiful day it is today.

As you are all aware, this Friday is a Bank Holiday to coincide with VE day. If school would have been open we would have been doing lots of VE themed learning.Tomorrow I will plan some VE day themed activities for you to do at home.

I also just wanted to remind you about our 'Daily Reading' section of our class webpage. There are links to phonetically decodable books that you can share at home.

Today's Nursery Rhyme - CBeebies Number Raps

Something a little different today - Number Raps 1-5


Today's phoneme is.......w

Can children write the letter correctly, this is often a tricky on however practising making zigzag patterns before may help.

This video above will take you to an online activity where children need to spot the words beginning with the w phoneme.

Can children read and write these words:



we (tricky word)


Here is an activity that you can print off at home



Here are some activities related to patterns that you can do at home:

The clapping activity is great fro developing children's listening skills. We sometimes play this in class and it usually ends with lots of laughter!

Here is a pattern activity that you can print off.



Today i would like you to revisit the story.

Can you write a list of all of things that stick man is changed into, for example a twig in the swan's nest or a flag pole for the children's sandcastle.

How did Stickman feel throughout the story?

Here is a clip from the Live show of Stick man

Enjoy the sunshine and keep in touch

Mrs Wesley

Tuesday 5th May

Hi everyone!

I hope that you are having a lovely morning.

Here are some fabulous photos that I received yesterday, lots of lovely activities going on.

Heidi has been very busy completing our class challenges. I love the bug hotel! Mummy says that Heidi is doing well with her phase 3 phonemes - well done Heidi.

Daisy has been busy in her gadren planting some seeds with Mummy. I love the gardening set that Daisy is using as she will be able to see the roots of the plant through the glass, Mummy said it was from B&M.

Max has been busy crafting at home, such concentration!

Today's Nursery Rhyme - There was a Princess Long ago.

A bit of a longer song but the children love it!


Today's phoneme is 'v'.

Can children name these items?

Can children read and write these words:





This game is great to play and you can choose our phonemes from this week, J, V, W, X.

Hers is an activity to print off at home.



Continuing with our pattern and sequencing work, we are going to look at shape.

Can children talk about which shape they think will appear next in the sequence?

This game is great to play together:

Here are some activities that you can print off at home:



I hope that you enjoyed sharing Stickman yesterday, I know that it features Christmas however the story is popular in our classroom throughout the whole year.

Today I would like children to talk about their favourite parts of the story. Can they finish this sentence?

I liked it when ______________________________ because__________________.

I have also found an activity that you can print off at home:


Have a lovely day everybody, you are all doing so well and some days are easier than others. I know that my boys have good and bad days and some days they just want to stay in their pjs!

Please keep in touch

Keep smiling

Mrs Wesley x

Monday 4th May

Good Morning everyone!

I hope that you all had a good weekend. You are all doing amazingly well, trying to educate at home is not easy and I am so proud of how our families have embraced the current situation.

I am missing you all and love seeing your 'Lockdown' Photos.

Last week we had our Bear theme - here is Lilah having her own Teddy Bear's picnic.

Eddison has been making the most of his daily exercise. His Mummy told me that he is doing really well on his bike and is cycling further and further each time. I have been sent a wonderful video of Eddison going very fast at the BMX track - it made me smile hearing Eddison talking whilst he was riding. I will try and find a way to add the video to our webpage.

Ayla-Rose sent me a gorgeous email and is trying to persuade me to dye my hair blue with tissue paper. I am still thinking about it!

Ayla-Rose made some lovely teddy bears, has worked very hard with writing and built a super den!

Today's Nursery Rhyme - Round and Round the Garden


Today we are going to look at the phoneme... 'j'

We haven't covered this in school yet however I know that a lot of children are ready.

Children will often mix up 'i' with 'j' when reading and writing.

Can children name these items beginning with the phoneme 'j'?


Today's phoneme is ...'J'. This is a phase 3 phoneme.

sometimes children mix up 'i' and 'j' when they are reading and writing.

Can your child say the name of each item above?

Can children read and write these words?





Here is an activity that you can print off at home:



Today we are going to look at pattern and sequencing. Spotting mathematical patterns can help develop mathematical thinking. We often start by trying to spot colour patterns.

Can children make a colour pattern using objects at home?

Here is a game that you can play.

Here is an activity that you can print off at home:



This week's story is 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson.

Some children have told me that they have this story at home, don't worry if you don't have it.

Here is an animation of the story and there are videos of people reading the story on Youtube.

Please read or watch the story ready for our English activities this week.

Have a lovely day

Mrs Wesley x

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